Remove the ‘Clutter’ Focus Your Inbox !

How to turn mailbox management over to the expert.

Come on, Focus!

Microsoft is rolling out an update in outlook that will eliminate the Clutter folder and introduce a new feature called Focused inbox. This feature is available now and will be rolled out to all Office 365 accounts during the first half of 2018.

Focus learns all about you….

Focused Inbox intelligently presorts your email so you can focus on what matters. It places your most important emails in “Focused” and the rest in “Other.” Other should mirror your old clutter folder as far as contents go and can be accessed from your main inbox screen without having to navigate to the folder. Focused Inbox works across all your email accounts, personal and professional.
To create an inbox that “feels right” to you, the system learns emails and contacts with whom you interact, and filters out noisy sources like automatically generated or bulk email. The more you use it, the better it gets. You can easily reclassify emails between Focused and Other. Just open an email, then select “Move to Focused/Non-Focused” from the overflow menu.

To determine if you already have the update as well as to turn it on you can navigate to the view menu in the Outlook main screen shown disabled below:

To enable click on Show Focused Inbox and it will display as shown below with the Focused and Other tabs shown at the top of the inbox and the Show Focused Inbox shaded in the view menu:

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